About FeetScience

FeetScience™ is a brand of footwear from Bachi Shoes Division - Tata International Limited (TIL).

FeetScience™ believes that the well being of one’s feet affects the overall posture, bone growth and ultimately the health of a person. As a brand, FeetScience™ has the vision “To be a scientifically designed footwear for schools and institutions.”FeetScience™ makes use of scientific approaches in the construction of shoes, be it the school children’s rough and tough usage or the hospitality sector employees’ need for durable comfort.

Three core attributes emphasized by the brand are that they are scientific, energetic and empathetic. FeetScience™ uses its knowledge and profound understanding of “foot science” to design and customize footwear for different applications and usages.The brand strives to develop products that enable and enhance feet movement. In addition, the brand oozes energy and vibrancy at every interaction with the end consumer. FeetScience™ understands the importance of  “foot health” and this understanding results in developing products that provide better comfort, styling and health benefits.

About Tata International Limited – Bachi Shoes Division

Tata International Limited – Bachi Shoes Division, based in Chennai/Ranipet, is a leading manufacturer and exporter of footwear, especially children’s shoes. Its major production centres are in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The company manufactures over 5 million pairs of shoes per annum.